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How it Works

At Winslow, we work closely with you to create luxurious, made-to-measure garments that meet your needs and reflect your personal style. With an array of stylish options, everything from the fabric, colour, style and fit is customisable. We will work around your busy best pharmacy schedule to make the entire process convenient and enjoyable, and we also back our quality craftsmanship and guarantee the perfect fit every time.

Here’s how our made-to-measure process works

Step 1

In this session we determine your wardrobe needs, and we assess what clothing shapes, styles and colours will best enhance your features. We then take all the necessary measurements to allow us to commence the design process.

How it Works - Step 1

This process begins with a sketch draft, and from here we build a pattern using technical specifications that allow us to analyse the fabric for drape and functionality. Next, we conduct a sample fit on a mannequin using buy diazepam online your unique measurements and create clothing samples using test fabric material.

In this session we will assess what adjustments are required in order to ensure the perfect fit. We pin and cut your garments, adjust the pattern, and finalise all of the fabrics and accessories.

After your fitting, our talented craftsmen will bring sildenafil citrate 50mg your clothing masterpieces to life. We cut your luxury fabric and use a combination of both machine and hand to achieve the highest quality finish. Our quality control team assess your garments as they’re being made to ensure every last detail is perfect, and we finish by professionally pressing your items.

We bring your finished garments directly to your door, allowing you to reap the rewards of your quality, made-to-measure Winslow designs.

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