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What Are The Smartest Ways To Plan Groom And Groomsmen Wedding Outfits?
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  • Smartest Ways to Plan Mens’ Summer Wedding Style
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Alright, you have decided to get hitched, the day is booked, the venue is sorted, the groomsmen are chosen and the day is getting closer, it’s time to think about what you are going to wear. After all, it is one of the most important days of your life. How do you want to experience it?

Planning your wedding look, if you want to look fantastic, for your wife to be, the photos and the memories for the rest of your life is not an easy task, there is a lot to think of from fitting of the garments for all of your groomsmen to bringing together a stunning collection for you and your groomsmen. At Winslow we do things differently, we make unique wedding collections.

Here are Some Smart Ways to Plan Mens' Summer Wedding Style

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The first thing is to work out a budget, what are your budget and budget tolerance that you are willing to move to get what you want, rather than settle for mediocrity on your special day. We each have a budget that works, define it and stick to it.

Once you know your budget, you will know what service is within your budget to suit your needs. Sometimes it may be the trip to your local mass market retail store to cater your needs. Or even a personal style professional to design, create, source and make your wedding look.

At Winslow Style, we are professional wedding fashion stylists, we create an end to end solution, from design, manufacture to having your garments and accessories pressed and ready on your special day, all from the comfort of your home or office, ask us about our wedding packages.

Choosing the Look You Want

Like the Wedding Dress for the girls, we guys also have an opportunity to make our day special, so rock the look you want, don’t be a “yes” groom. Wear what you feel you want, if the style is not your forte, then get some advice from the experts, but make the decision yourself.

In 2018, we have access at our fingertips to some amazing sites that can provide us loads of inspiration. Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and some great wedding blogs for grooms and groomsmen. Once you have decided with your bride to be, the theme of the event, get creative with the outfits, no matter the theme, a beach wedding, a country wedding, casual wedding or a formal wedding, start to work out what is the look that you want to remember for the rest of your life. Or if you are time poor, work with a professional stylist to finalise the look of the groom and the groomsmen.

Here are some wicked looks to get your creative juices flowing

Below images by Dolce & Gabbana captures the essence of standing out with class and sophistication.

Bringing in Consistency

Choosing the look and style that you want is only the beginning of the journey, now coordinating the look with the rest of the wedding theme, the bride and bridesmaids are what makes your look something that your bride will be proud of, on your wedding day. As the saying goes, “Happy Wife! Happy Life!”

The Fit

Most of the time the grooms’ party are a wide range of body shapes and builds, hence making everyone look sharp is sometimes a challenge, that pure alterations cannot fix. Build it from the fabric to a custom fit, at Winslow we do the lot.

Our personal stylists and design team are looking forward to hearing from you. Get the Fit Right, this is the one thing you must do. Any suit that does not fit you well is ugly! No matter what the suit, the brand or make, what you need is a quality outfit, that fit you well.

The Shoes

Get the shoes before the belt, finding the shoes, and style and fit is sometimes a challenge, pick a style that is suited to a broader range of feet. This way you can have a consistent look. Or there are wonderful custom options in the world.

The Belt

The belt must draw in the story from the shoes, in colour tone, theme and style resemblance. Be mindful of this little detail. It can sharpen a look from good to brilliant.

The Accessories

The modern gentleman has access to so many exciting accessories to incorporate into and extend an outfit. The Boutonniere, the cufflinks, ties, bow-ties and many other cool pieces of accessories are a great way to introduce your personality to the outfits. Don’t leave them out.

Stand out from the crowd

Standing out from the crowd is the aim of the game. Hey, it is your special day, you deserve to look like a rock star! We suggest that you differentiate outfits of the groom vs. groomsmen. If you are willing there are some amazing ways to stand out from the crowd. Maybe we could have a chat about it over a coffee if you are interested to give us a call.

Press Your Garments

Press all of your garments before the big day and have them ready for the morning of your wedding. Get it professionally pressed and don’t skimp on this service. Being prepared will save you a lot of anxiety on your big day.

Stick to the Timeline

The journey starts about 6 months to your wedding date, and 3 months prior, you should have most things finalised and ready to start sourcing and making. When we work with our clients, we prefer to have a 6-month timeline, as it allows us to deliver a product driven by passion and love. And enough time to source and deliver exceptional value.

Planning your wedding this summer?

We design exclusive Mens’ Summer Wedding Style outfits. Look good and feel special on your wedding day! Why don’t you give us a call?

Here are our most popular FAQ’s

Q: Does the groomsmen suit have to match the groom’s suit/tuxedo?

A: No, the groom is the star of the show, and hence it is best if the two complement each other to highlight the groom. Be creative, and resist the urge to be boring on this very special moment of your life.

Q: What is a reasonable time frame for custom made suits? What is the best place to buy wedding suits?

A: 4 weeks from time of order, should be a good estimate for custom clothing. Most retailers manufacture garments overseas in factories in China, Vietnam, India and deliver exceptional quality items to your door. Knowing the right one is sometimes like finding a needle in a haystack. It is good to have reputable contacts and inside knowledge, hence we will work with reliable sources.


Send us a message and we can help source the best company for your needs.

Q: Should the groomsmen outfits match the bridesmaids’ outfits?

A: The groomsmen and bridesmaids’ do not have to match, it preferred not to match as it is too much like a formal or prom photo, it is the most basic form of coordinating a look, you can do better than that.

Although it is not advised that they should be matched exactly, it is always great to bring in the colours of the wedding in low key ways to make sure you are consistent with the overall theme of the wedding and are styled well for the photoshoots.

Q: I am a wedding guest, what is the etiquette for a Black-Tie Wedding or Men?

A: The most important rule to remember is to make sure you do not outshine the groom on his special day, dress appropriately and classy, but try not to steal the show, by wearing the loudest outfit on the night.

A Black-Tie wedding classically is a black tux, black tie, wing-collar shirt, and black pants with the satin stripe. The notion of black-tie has evolved through the years and typically nowadays it means to dress to a theme of black tie.

We would recommend a bow-tie as a must but the rest of the outfit does not have to be a tux.

Q: We have decided to get hitched at the beach in Bali (casual wedding), how do I dress for a beach wedding if it is going to be super-hot?

A: Dressing for warm climates is all about fabrics, choosing the right fabrics that are suited for these climates will help you breath better on your special day.

Fabrics such as Linen, cotton are the preferred options for these or some blends with these fabrics would be great, avoid anything synthetic, unless you want to stink on your wedding day.

In terms of styling the look there are great inspiration options on Pinterest and Instagram, find the look you want and let us source it or make it for you with the fabrics that will give you the best comfort on your special day.

Q: What is the difference between a wool suit and a cheaper suit made of polyester?

A: The main difference between the two options is breathability, 100% natural fabrics breathe a lot better and are more comfortable.

Although natural fabrics are beautiful in texture, comfort and drape. The negative side to naturals is its longevity, if you are to wear your suit every day, the natural wear and tear will be noticed quicker on a natural garment than a synthetic garment.

Synthetic garments, on the other hand, are very durable and will last much longer, the negatives with synthetics are that it does not breathe well and since there is not a natural flow of air, they begin to stink much quicker.

We recommend 100% natural, or if you must get a blend only get a small percentage of synthetic properties to give you extra durability.

Q: My groomsmen are of so many different sizes? I have seen a style and look I like in the stores, but the brand is unable to fit all of the groomsmen, what do I do?

A: It is great that you have found the look that you like. The next step is making sure it fits everyone and looks great.

It is common that garments and brands do not fit all body shapes, they generally are catered to a specific market or style.

One tip – resist the urge to match fabrics, I.e. get some of the suits from one retailer and get the rest from another, no matter what the colour, the fabrics do not match, unless they are made with the same fabric roll.

Our recommendation is taking a photo of the look you like and try to find a retailer or manufacturer that will accommodate all of the different shapes. If you are having troubles send us the look you want and we can source the closest fabric and maker for you with our vast global contacts.

Q: I am so busy with work, and all other commitments. I don’t have the time to go shopping for wedding suits, are there any companies that can help me?

A: There are several services that are able to help you from the convenience of your office or home, menswear wedding stylists, personal shoppers are your best bet in trying to find someone that has a knowledge of style and contacts with different retailers rather than focusing only on one manufacturer to source and create the complete look.

Our professional wedding stylists are able to assist you with any of your queries, send us your requirements we can get back to you.


Does not matter if it is a casual wedding, a black tie wedding, a country wedding or a classic style you are looking for, the most important thing to remember is to make it count, it is a special day of your life, put the energy to make it special, not just for yourself, but for your bride to be and all the family and guests that are proud and anxious to see you and share this moment of your life.

If style and fashion is not your professional or natural strength, don’t feel shy to outsource these to people that love what they do.

We love what we do

Our personal stylists have worked with several weddings and styled over 100’s of grooms and groomsmen for their special day. Our team looks forward to hearing from you.

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