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Top 7 Tips In Putting Together Men’s Complete Outfit
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There is a common understanding that the first words that you speak to yourself in the morning can influence your mood and the effectiveness of the rest of the day.

As you look at yourself this morning, what are you saying to yourself, about the way you look, the way you feel. The way we dress affects how people see us, but it also affects the way we see ourselves.

Social Psychological and Personality Science call it enclothed cognition, which proves how clothes systematically influence wearers’ psychological processes and performance.Further studies at the University of Hertfordshire and The University of Queensland’s business school shows a link between clothes and emotions.

Okay, now that we know that clothes do have a lot of power, in how we feel, how we are judged, how we express our unique self and our personal brands to the world. It is time to embrace the value of outfitting and enjoy the experience of putting together a perfect outfit.

Have you ever considered that getting dressed could be a form of art or design?

Getting dressed is a true form of self-expression, it is a tool to show the world who you are, your personality, mood and values. Imagine you could communicate all of these on first impression. Filtering the noise that does not resonate with your vibration, and only attracting people with the right fit to who you are and what you are about, would make the journey lot more efficient and rewarding, Don’t you think?

Here are our Top 7 Tips In Putting Together Men’s Complete Outfits

1. Define Your Day – What are you getting dressed for?

Dress for what you want out of life, that high paying job, attracting a girl in your favourite coffee shop, a job interview or pitching to investors. Ask yourself the question, do I need to be of influence today at the workplace or in a social environment. Whatever is the reason, make a conscious effort and dress the part. If you define the role you need to be in the situation, it will help with selecting and putting together the perfect outfit.

2. Starting Point

Have a starting point, so open your closet and pick the one item that you think you would like to wear, that you love, makes you feel confident and sets the mood that you want to create for the day. Let this be your starting point. Could be your favourite shirt, pants or shoes whatever it is pick a starting point and then build the outfit from this point.

All good designs have a focal point, it is a talking point and what people will remember you for, it is the part of the outfit that leaves a lasting impression. Let your starting point, also be your focal point or statement piece. Build the rest of the outfit around this statement item.

3. Highlight your Best Features

Know thy self! Understand your body shape, and what your best assets are and what are the places of the body that you do not want to put too much focus and attention towards.

Where you focus your energy, is what you will attract. It resonates in dressing up too. If you focus your energy on covering the places that you want to hide, you will only attract the eye to these places, rather we suggest focus more of your energy on highlighting the areas of your body that you think are your best assets and would like to show off, and watch the reaction of your audience as they interact with you, where you invest your energy is where you get the most attention.

In our styling sessions, we help clients identify their best assets through several strategies of psychology, personality tests and scientific data analysis. It is a transformational discovery for several clients.

4. Create an Illusion

Knowing your body shape and really understanding how you are created will allow you to dress appropriately and use clever techniques to create an illusion of proportion, fit and sexiness!

Here are some great tips that an outfit designer use in creating illusions:

  • The cut and lines of a garment will dictate where the eye will go and can even trick the eye into thinking your body has different proportions.
  • Vertical lines are well known for tricking the eye into adding height. Now, the placement of the vertical lines is also important.  The closer they are spaced together the slimmer you will look.
  • Horizontal lines can make you look wider, especially when placed at a wider part of your body. However, horizontal lines can be used in your favor if placed properly.
  • Diagonal lines are incredibly slimming and, like vertical lines, no matter where you place them on your body they will slim that area.
  • Any dark color is slimming when it’s placed next to a color that is lighter.

5. Creating the intended balance – Structure and Flow

The structure is about hard lines, strong seam, detailing, pointy edges and contrast lines. It has a more masculine feel.

Flow in your outfit is when the eye follows curves or soft lines. It is a sense of volume and movement. It’s identified as a more feminine and soft silhouette.

When styling men, we as outfit designers will use a combination of both elements of structure and flow, to create the intended balance that is required for the situation, for example for a corporate lawyer or a senior manager in a business, we would promote a bit more structure than flow, but for a marketing executive we would have a bit more flow to showcase more personality. The two together create a well-balanced look, where all elements of the dress work well together as men’s complete outfits.

6. The Fit

Making sure that all of your garments that are in your wardrobe, fits you well, and is altered to flatter your body is perhaps the most important aspect of getting the perfect men’s outfit, this one thing can make or break any outfit. If you do not follow any of these points, but follow just one point, this is it.

At Winslow, we use body scan technology to ensure that garments we source from manufacturers and retailers from around the world, fit you perfectly and any further alterations are done, to suit your unique personal preference.

Please don’t settle for anything less, getting the fit right is the most important aspect of an outfit.

7. Shoes and Accessories to complete the look

No men’s outfit is complete without the details, today men have several great accessories to play with in order to complete a look or enhance the style of an outfit. Here is a list of accessories to add to your shopping list.

  1. Watch
  2. Hats
  3. Bracelets
  4. Tie-Clips
  5. Cuff-Links
  6. Pocket Square
  7. Tie
  8. Bow-Tie
  9. Shoes


If you are too busy or need help with putting together quality looks that highlight the best version of your personal brand, contact our personal styling team. This is what we do best. We create, source and make the right men’s outfit to suit your lifestyle needs.

If time is precious, outsource your wardrobe to the professional outfit designers. We will make sure that your new wardrobe will be efficient and truly reflect your brand personality. Waking up and knowing that whatever you choose, fits you well, is of excellent quality and makes you look good and feel good is a great way to start your day. Let’s do this!

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