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How To Discover Your Personal Style?
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Fashion trends are rapidly changing. Every year you will see trends that come and go, making sure you are up to date with the latest fad’s, is a very costly and time-consuming exercise, trends do not represent your personal mood or your personal style. Style is a true expression of your authentic self.

There are many men who are planning to upgrade their wardrobe and want to know the outfits that would suit their style perfectly. No doubt it gets hard for men to pick perfect outfits because they do not pay much attention to the discovery and maturity of their own personal style. Shopping is a nightmare when you are not clear of what you are looking for. Knowing your style has several great benefits, not only in the professional arena but also in the quality of your personal lives.

To help you begin the journey of discovery and update your wardrobe we have a few men’s fashion styles pointers to get you started.

Seek inspiration

First, it is important that you seek inspiration. Learn to understand what your default style is (comfort zone), and what is the style that you inspire to own. A default style is your current style that has evolved through unconscious habits, driven by environmental influences, comments from ex-girlfriends, friends, family or any other external influences.

To discover your authentic personal style, start to build a collage or a story board of your style preference, people that you aspire from a style perspective, things that you wished you could wear, colours, styles, music, films and any influences that you feel has an emotional connection to self as you flick through the pages or scroll the web.

It is not important that something you like will suit your style as well. Just have fun discovering what you really like and be mindful of the little voice that is your autopilot (default style).

If you open your wardrobe, do you notice that you default to a certain, colour, certain type of garment, and most items pretty much look the same. This is because your autopilot has been shopping for you until now.

Understand your body

We are each born with a unique body shape, understanding your body shape, proportions and your best assets will help you dress to highlight the best version of you. If you are not sure of how to do this, contact a professional personal fashion stylist that has experience in doing what they do best.

When shopping focuses on styles that flatter your best assets. These are the areas of your body you need to highlight. Do not worry about the current trends or what is in fashion, wear what makes you look the best, and consistent with your authentic style is more important than simply following a trend.

Consider your goals and lifestyle

Style camouflages depending on the environment, if you are a CEO in the corporate arena, you would wear what is appropriate to the situation, it will not be the same as what you would wear on the yacht on the weekends. But the underlying style will remain consistent, to express your personality.

We recently worked with a client who is a CEO of a large company in Australia, but he lives a very laid-back life-style, he did not enjoy wearing suits to work, as it felt that it was just not him.

For this customer we managed to build a work wardrobe that consisted of well-tailored sports blazer’s, custom shirts paired with quality chinos. Although the theme remained relaxed, the attire was suited for the environment.

Knowing your lifestyle will help you understand a lot more about your personal style and what items you will need in your wardrobe to suit every occasion.

Living a consistent style motto in every area of your lives has a powerful habit building and re-enforcing mechanism, and before you know it you would have re-set your current auto-pilot style to a style that you truly enjoy,  authentic and effortless.

Work out what you like

Working out what you like is the first step on the journey of style discovery. A wardrobe edit, is where you start. A wardrobe edit is simply a strategy of cleansing your wardrobe, and the clutter that is restricting you from moving forward from your current style.

The wardrobe edit process is as follows:

  1. Make a list of all the separate categories that you need to wear clothes, i.e weekend, work, travel, going out, dating etc.
  2. Divide all items in your wardrobe to each of these categories
  3. Start to get rid of items that you have not worn, not wearable, you do not enjoy wearing or does not fit well. You should only remain with items that you love and enjoy wearing.
  4. Look at areas where you are missing quality and stylish items that represent what you enjoy wearing and build a shopping list of items to buy.

The process of cleansing the wardrobe and creating a new space for discovery and growth is a transformational experience for most people that we work with, as it allows them to really get rid of the clutter and start to build a style that is very much driven by a clear strategy.

Style is not a destination, it continues to evolve, morph and build character. Knowing what you like is the start of the journey, but the real fun begins the more you begin to express yourself through your personal style, and you begin to witness the world around you starts to transform and draw opportunities beyond what was imaginable.


We know that the selection of the perfect outfits and style can be confusing and that’s why we offer a bespoke style and design service. With our Personal Shopper service, you will receive custom tailored outfits.

All you have to do is book a consultation with us to share your lifestyle and professional goals. Our personal fashion stylist will work with you in creating outfits at the convenience of your office or home. This way you can utilize your time better in achieving your professional goals while we take care of your fashion needs. Upgrade your entire wardrobe with expert help of our fashion stylists.

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